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CSR best practices: corporate governance and executive compensation in listed companies

By |10 May 2023|Analyses, Positivéco's Factsheets|

Each year, the French financial markets authority (AMF) examines the information published by listed companies on their corporate governance and on the compensation of their executives. A large part of [...]


France and Decree 29: putting biodiversity on the regulator’s radar and impact on management companies

By |26 April 2023|Analyses, Positivéco's Factsheets|

Article 29 of the Climate and Energy Law applies to the financial sector (insurance, banking, asset management companies) for collective management, discretionary management and investment advice. To comply [...]


New European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS) and comparison with IFRS

By |12 April 2023|Analyses, Positivéco's Factsheets|

Companies subject to the NFRD must implement the CSRD as of 2025 for the fiscal year 2024. The CSRD expands the scope and requirements of the NFRD. Affected companies [...]


Financial communication: accelerating the integration of the new IFRS standards

By |29 March 2023|News, Positivéco's Factsheets|

Mandatory in 146 jurisdictions, these new IFRS standards will accelerate the integration of the non-financial dimension in the financial communication of companies. The Board introduced the permission to rely on [...]

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