5 December

COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh: what results?


The final declaration or "implementation plan" from Sharm el-Sheikh looks more like a status quo to hold until the next COP. COP 27 final declaration: focus on the 'Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan. The negotiation round that just ended in Egypt promised progress in the concrete implementation of previous [...]

COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh: what results?2023-12-20T09:59:27+01:00
1 December

Biodiversity and climate: a crucial interdependence


In a 2018 study, Tim Newbold argues that climate change could become the leading cause of biodiversity loss by 2070, ahead of land-use change. Biodiversity degradation is thus both an additional driver of climate change and a threat to the ability of biodiversity to mitigate climate change. [...]

Biodiversity and climate: a crucial interdependence2023-05-02T10:02:07+02:00
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