On 22nd December 2022, the Kunming-Montreal agreement was added to the list of international conventions.

The Global Biodiversity Framework laid out in the COP15 final agreement must be integrated into a company’s environmental and social management system.

Here is the full text.

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At Positivéco, we see new national and international CSR regulations as vectors for positive growth.

Our job: to improve the readability of your activities for better valuation.

Since 2009, we have been supporting financial institutions, public players, and listed and unlisted companies in the evaluation of their CSR policies, the production of their extra-financial reporting and the implementation of their climate investment and aid projects. Development.

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At the origin of Positivéco, there is the choice to exercise financial and commercial skills in structuring projects, outside the traditional silos. Our mission is to improve the readability of your activities for better valuation. Your success is our priority.

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Being supported by Positivéco means benefiting from a proven operational approach to CSR. At each step, we put your CSR ambitions back at the heart of our continuous improvement approach. The result ? A targeted and effective method of intervention.